My Trip to the Fire Station




This personalized story makes a perfect keepsake for your child, while also teaching them some valuable lessons that could save their life, should they ever find themselves in a fire. This exciting and engaging story is not only enjoyable, but educational too.

In this story your child will visit the fire station where they meet firefighters and get taken on a tour of the station, seeing an antique fire engine and even getting to sit in one. Here they learn the importance of fire prevention and fire safety, they see the uniform and equipment that the firefighters use and they learn what to do if their clothes were to catch on fire, “Stop, Drop, Roll”. Your child is shown materials, like matches and a smoke detector, and are told not to play with matches or play near gas or electric heaters, fireplaces or stoves. Along with many other bits of useful information your child will also learn how to call the fire brigade should a fire break out and there is a section in the book that allows you to note emergency names and contact details.

Perfect for children aged from 3 to 8, this personalised book will be the perfect gift that your child can treasure forever. With 36 fully illustrated pages, this book comes with a hard cover that can be wiped clean, making it a truly engaging and useful book.